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Learning to Dance is like Tango

  (Slow, Slow, Quick-Quick, Slow) The First Slow… You’re new.  Maybe it’s your first time in a dance studio.  Maybe the first time in years. It doesn’t matter, the feelings are the same. Anxious… Nervous… You may be dancing with another student or with an instructor.  If an instructor, it’s certain they are trying to engage in conversation while dancing and you realize you … Read More Learning to Dance is like Tango

The Benefits of Ballroom

“Huh. I should probably exercise before dinner… Better get a foxtrot in!” I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say those words. I doubt I ever will. But, honestly, it’s a statement that shouldn’t be completely dismissed as odd or out of the question. In fact, the physical benefits (as well as the mental and social advantages) all play a role in promoting the … Read More The Benefits of Ballroom


If you ‘liked’ our Facebook page, you probably noticed posts with the hashtag “#GooveInTheCouv” and saw that we regularly share non-VanCity dancing events happening in the greater Vancouver area. OK, you caught us. We shamelessly promote dancing in Vancouver– not just on a whim, but with a purpose in mind. If you saw last month’s newsletter, you know VanCity’s backstory (if not, check it … Read More Community

The Origin Story

Some of you may know the story, some may not… Fade back a few years. The social dancing scene in Vancouver is okay, but pales in comparison to a big city like Portland, which is booming with venues that feature a wide selection of dance styles (did you know Portland is one of the top destinations in the US for Argentine Tango?). For those … Read More The Origin Story

The Faces of VanCity

If you’ve ever visited VanCity, you’ve more than likely met “The Team”: Michael, Ralph, Petra, Karen, and myself, Hannah… We are the the ragtag group who run the admin and teaching duties each week. While I don’t want to diminish the amazing work my team does each week (there’s no way I could do any of this without their support), this article isn’t about … Read More The Faces of VanCity