VanCity Ballroom is a Vancouver USA venue for ballroom, Latin, and swing dancing.

How did it all start? DSC_0072.JPG

At the beginning of 2016, a small group of local ballroom dancers were discussing the need for a dance venue North of the Columbia River. VanCity stemmed from that discussion.

Hannah Fishback headed the project and was able to hold VanCity’s grand opening at Riverside Performing Arts on October 1st of that same year.

Thanks to an amazing team effort, VanCity successfully provides beginner’s lessons and open dancing on a weekly basis.

What’s the goal?

Dancing promotes physical, mental, and social growth in a fun and unique way. VanCity wants to develop that level of health within its community by providing an engaging, safe, and friendly atmosphere to learn and practice in.

VanCity hopes to grow the ballroom community by cultivating new dancers as well as offering a supportive atmosphere for seasoned dancers to develop their abilities. VanCity is family and, ultimately, the mission is to extend that sense of community to anyone and everyone who attends the Saturday Socials.

What can I expect?

VanCity Ballroom is casual and friendly. We start the evening with a 30-min beginner’s lesson (see our calendar page) and then open the floor for social dancing. We will play a variety of music (although we do tend to play more modern songs) and invite requests.

If a song comes up that you don’t know how to dance to, ask around! Our team is also available throughout the night to answer questions and demonstrate various dances.