If you ‘liked’ our Facebook page, you probably noticed posts with the hashtag “#GooveInTheCouv” and saw that we regularly share non-VanCity dancing events happening in the greater Vancouver area.

OK, you caught us.



We shamelessly promote dancing in Vancouver– not just on a whim, but with a purpose in mind.

If you saw last month’s newsletter, you know VanCity’s backstory (if not, check it out here!) and know the whole idea of VanCity evolved from the desire to stay on this side of the river and dance right here in the ‘Couv. Every week, we introduce dancing to folks in Vancouver and, hopefully, spark a love of dance while also inspiring a desire to improve. We’ve built a list of instructors and venues to share with our community so they have more opportunity to learn and practice, while having a good time doing it. We do our best to build trust so people feel comfortable learning and dancing with us (and others), feeling connected to the larger dancing community here in Vancouver.

The end purpose for all of this?

It’s all about you.

Folks tell us all the time how inviting VanCity is and how they feel welcome… They feel like a part of the group even if they haven’t danced before and are taking their very first lesson. In short, they feel like they belong to the wonderful family of dancers that live, learn, and dance right here in the ‘Couv.

by Michael Beavers
Published 10/06/18

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